Direct Access Physiotherapy in your GP Surgery


How can this service help me?

This is a specialist service to see a Physiotherapist who can assess, diagnose and treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions of the spine, arms, hands and legs.

Examples of conditions we treat include:

–  Osteoarthritis
–  Neck and shoulder pain
–  Low back & hip pain
–  Sciatica
–  Wrist & hand pain
–  Knee & ankle pain
–  Ligament & muscle injuries
–  Tendon issues

How do I book an appointment?

This is a direct access, self-referral physiotherapy service please book your face to face appointment via the reception team.

What will happen at my appointment?

You will be assessed by a Chartered Physiotherapist with specialist knowledge and experience in these conditions.  The assessment, lasting 20-30 minutes may require removal of some clothing to be 

able to assess you effectively.  If you require a chaperone please ask the Physiotherapist.

What happens after I have been assessed?

After discussion, it is likely your Physiotherapist will give you exercises and advice to help your condition. However you may require further investigation and/or treatment.

You may be referred for:

–   Further investigations such as blood tests, X-ray, MRI or

    Ultrasound scans (these are not always required)

–   Medication.

–  Ongoing Physiotherapy rehabilitation

–  A review with Podiatry, Chronic Pain Service, Rheumatology or


Who is this service for?

Patients with these conditions age 16 years and over

I need an interpreter how do I arrange this?

Please request this service when you book your appointment.

What if I am late for my appointment?

If you are more than 10 mins late you will need to rebook your appointment with the reception team at the desk or on the number below.

Giving feedback

We welcome your feedback so that we can develop and improve the care we give to you and the service we offer.

Your Physiotherapist will give you a feedback form after you have had your assessment, once you have completed this, please hand it in to one of the Reception Team.   The feedback you give is anonymous.