Video Consultations by Near Me

Near Me video consulting has been used in NHS Highland secondary care for some time now. In light of the current Coronavirus / Covid19 pandemic this service has now been made available to patients and clinicians in General Practice. This can be used to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus by enabling both patients and clinicians to consult while in isolation.

You can attend video consultations from your home or wherever is convenient using a device that makes video calls (like a smartphone, tablet or computer).

Appointments must be booked by telephone in advance, just as with a normal face to face appointment. Please do not try to access this service unless you have a pre-booked appointment. Depending on availability, you may first be asked to speak with a GP by telephone to confirm whether or not a video consultation is suitable.

At the time of your appointment, please enter the waiting area at:

Please read through the patient information first:
​For further information please see: